And Just Like That, I'm Planning What to Wear for My First Flight in 15 Months

Travel outfit ideas



I love to travel. In the past, I was someone who always had a summer holiday planned and would hop on a plane any chance I could get—up until the last year when the pandemic changed our lives and put many things, including travel plans, on hold. Now, I haven’t set foot on a plane for 15 months, but I have my first flight coming up soon. I feel a bit rusty when it comes to getting dressed up in general, but I’m especially rusty in the department of travel outfit ideas, so I scrolled through Instagram to find some inspiration from fashion insiders.

Right now, I’m gravitating toward travel outfits that feel pulled-together but still comfortable. There’s a wide range of looks that strike this balance, including everything from more casual pieces like bike shorts and leggings to more polished items like tailored trousers and leather blazers. Ahead, see eight travel outfit ideas I’m planning on wearing for my upcoming trips.

Opting for a longer pair of bike shorts instantly makes an outfit feel more pulled-together than shorter pairs. I love the idea of adding a striped tee and sandals for a look that is comfortable but also polished.

Travel outfit ideas with bike shorts



Another way to pull off bike shorts? Go for a tonal look by pairing a button-down top and shorts in a similar color. Then, simply add some sleek sneakers.

Travel outfit ideas with leggings



If you feel more comfortable traveling in a pair of leggings, just add a bra top and an oversize blazer. The blazer is really the key piece that pulls everything together here.

Travel outfit ideas with shorts sets



Shorts sets are one of the biggest trends this summer and happen to be the perfect thing to wear for a travel look. While I would normally opt for sandals, a pair of loafers makes this feel a bit more elevated.

Yep, oversize button-down tops are one of the fashion-insider staples this season and work perfectly in a travel ’fit. Paired with jeans and sneakers, it’s the simple look that just always works.

Travel outfit ideas with trousers



Cardigan sets are really cozy but also really chic, so they’re a no-brainer for a travel outfit. Style a set with tailored trousers and sandals for a sleek, polished look.

I won’t stop talking about leather blazers and truly find them to be an essential staple in my wardrobe. Worn with jeans and a baseball cap, this is a great option if you want some extra layering options while traveling.

Travel outfit ideas with tank tops



Slouchy, tailored trousers are another key buy this season that works seamlessly in a travel look. Grab a ribbed tank and your go-to bag and it’s as easy as that to master your next travel outfit.