Traveling Is Finally a Thing Again—9 Airport Outfits That Are Easy and Cute

Not to play favorites, but airport outfit inspiration is at the top of our list when it comes to creating fashion content. I used to scroll through celebrity airport shots and add them to my style Pinterest board because they always met the balance of fashionable and comfortable, which is how I wish to dress 24/7.  With summer traveling in full swing, I decided to look through the accounts of WWW's favorite fashion girls to find outfits that would be perfect for my next flight. If there's anything all this time spent working from home has done, it's made us highly skilled at creating a comfy but cute 'fit. 

Keep reading for nine airport outfits you won’t regret. From matching knit sets to biker shorts galore, you'll be prepared to jet off to your trip in no time. When you reach your destination, we've got you covered on that front as well. 

Sweatshirt + Biker Shorts + Sneakers



You can just tell she's comfortable from the photo, no? Princess Diana coined this fit, and for good reasons. If you get a little chilly or want to be more covered, maybe switch out the shorts for leggings. 

Matching Knit Set



When you're traveling, there are already so many things on your mind. Make your outfit the easiest thought by getting matching pieces to throw on without thinking. (Bonus points if the set involves layers so you can adjust to the plane temperature.)

Lightweight Top + Ribbed Pants



Soft materials like linen are the way to go when traveling in the summertime. While you'd normally add a pair of trousers, think ribbed and loose pants for the flight. 

Matching Sweatsuit



Simple but extremely comfortable. It gets the job done.

Comfy T-Shirt + Jeans + Sneakers



What's comfier than a breezy T-shirt? Find one with a cool graphic or print and all you'll need to add are relaxed jeans and sneakers.

Casual Dress + Sneakers + Sweatshirt



Layers are key for traveling because airplanes can either be freezing or hot, and you need to be prepared. 

Sports Bra + Leggings + Blazer



Athleisure is always a good pick for putting together a comfy 'fit while looking put-together. 

Oversize Button-Down + Loose Shorts + Sneakers



Create a juxtaposition in your look by matching "tailored" pieces like a button-down with loose lounge shorts. 

Button-Down + Printed Pants



Comfy printed pants don't give the tired look of pajamas but feel like pajamas, so you'll be sleeping peacefully on your next flight.