If You Like Cheeky Swimwear, These Brazilian Bikinis Are For You

Brazilian bikinis are difficult to define in exact terms of style and silhouette, but across the board, these swimsuits have the unifying theme of "less is more" in terms of bottoms. Be it a thong, loincloth, or super cheeky shape, Brazilian bikinis are for those who aren't afraid to bare it all. If this style is your personal favorite, then you're in for a real treat as we shop out the 26 best Brazilian bikinis on the market right now. 

From trendy suits complete with retro prints and mermaid tops to basic yet classic styles, the Brazilian bikini shopping guide ahead will have you well suited (pun intended) for this summer and beyond. While summer 2020 is not turning out to be exactly what we all thought, we are still encouraging you to enjoy summer safely...while wearing fun new swimsuits, of course. 

Shop the matching Bijou Bikini Bottom ($88). 

Show me a cuter print. I'll wait. 

Shop the matching Asymmetrical Top ($75). 

This sustainable swimwear brand should be on everyone's radar. 

Emily Ratajkowsi is the queen of Brazilian-style bikinis, so it's only fitting that her swimwear line fits the bill as well. 

Shop the matching Summer Bottom ($84).

This top will make for some of the cutest summer Instagrams.  

Shop the matching Capri Bottom ($79). 

Tropical vacation prints are always a good idea.

Shop the matching Polka-Dot Bikini Bottoms ($64). 

Quite literally an itsy bitsy polka-dot bikini. 

Shop the matching Joni High-Leg Bikini Briefs ($103). 

Isa Boulder swimsuits are quickly becoming the #1 swim brand amongst fashion girls everywhere. 

Shop the matching Praia Striped Bikini Bottom ($35). 

An affordable suit that looks anything but. 

In case you didn't know, Amazon has some of the cutest swimsuits around (for real cheap). 

Shop the matching Goa Bottom ($49).

Sustainable, on-trend, and very affordable. 

Shop the matching Marley Bikini Bottom ($60). 

Perfectly classic in every way. 

Shop the matching Viper Triangle Bikini Top ($60).

Mismatched but still the perfect duo. 

Shop the matching Emma Bikini Bottom ($108). 

Bella Hadid was just spotted wearing this in brown, so I suggest you get it now before it sells out. 

I'm convinced animal print swimsuits will always be in style. 

A black bikini is the basic your swimwear arsenal 100% needs. 

Bamba has some of the cheekiest, cutest swimsuits around. 

Shop the matching Snake Brazilians ($50). 

Cheeky bottoms have never looked so chic. 

Shop the matching Jones Bikini Bottoms ($94).

This color is cooling me down already. 


This underwire situation will grant you dozens of compliments. 

Shop the matching Bikini Bottom ($38).

Simple yet still striking. 

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