Mermaid Bikinis: The Pretty Swimsuit Trend That's Just Getting Started

Before I get into this new swimsuit trend that has me more excited than I probably should be, I must admit that the trend name is not something I can take credit for. One day, while I was drooling over Isa Boulder swimwear (one of the leaders of the pack in this trend space), I texted one of them to my friend, who replied in all caps, "This looks like a mermaid top!" My jaw dropped and quickly my research began. I knew there was something bubbling in the swimsuit world as it related to underwire bikini tops, but I couldn't quite put my finger on what exactly it was. It felt familiar yet somehow so foreign—that's probably because those mermaids were familiar to my imagination but foreign to my closet. It all made sense. 

This mermaid bikini trend is speaking mainly to the tops and cups of swimsuits. As previously mentioned, underwire swimsuits are nothing new, but the shape that we are now classifying as mermaid bikinis is. Mimicking a large shell, the underwire in this trend is overdramatized, fully cupping the breast rather than just serving as a support system.

You'll notice as you scroll that beyond the bold underwire, mermaid bikinis can also place emphasis on the ruching within the cup. Brands like Isa Boulder and Fisch do great ruched bikini tops, but after doing some more digging, I was able to discover brands beyond the select few leaders of the pack who are offering mermaid bikinis of their own. Ahead, see some of my favorite images featuring the trend and shop some of the prettiest mermaid bikinis on the market


(Image credit: @fisch.swim)

I don't know about you, but I will be re-creating this picture the second my mermaid bikini arrives in the mail.


(Image credit: @double3xposure)

This swimsuit trend looks just as good outside of the water, accessories included. 


(Image credit: @hannamw)

There's no denying the wow factor that this swimsuit trend delivers. I promise you wearing this will grant you hundreds of compliments. 


(Image credit: @mayaschneidman)

I know the title says mermaid "bikinis," but the one-pieces following the trend are just as good. 


(Image credit: @alyssainthecity)

Not into glitter and frills? Then fear not, because all-black mermaid bikinis do exist, and they are just as cute.


(Image credit: @champagnemani)

The color on this one is something I will never get over. It's what our industry is calling celery green, and it feels so fresh.


(Image credit: @accidentalinfluencer)

In case you haven't noticed, there is one brand that I keep including in this story because, in my opinion, it is leading the pack in this particular trend category—Isa Boulder. 


(Image credit: @arabellalondon)

A shell-inspired bikini top couldn't be more mermaid if it tried. 


(Image credit: @accidentalinfluencer)

In case you missed it, Isa Boulder bikini bottoms are just as breathtaking as the tops. 


(Image credit: @emmahoareau)

A more toned-down version of this trend that is still just as majestic. The cups on that bikini top are making me question wearing a triangle top ever again.


(Image credit: @double3xposure)

Isa Boulder suits mixed and matched. 


(Image credit: @arabellalondon)

Here's a close-up of that shell top because it's just too perfect to not show again. 

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