Friend to Friend—Your Manicure Will Look So Much Chicer With This Color Addition

Black nail polish will forever be a staple in our kits—that's a cold hard fact. Does the mysterious shade have a bit of a reputation? Yes, but that doesn't stop us from wanting to wear it on the daily. 

We don't love just any old black polish look either; the ones that really stand out feature an epic design. Black is just truly the chicest shade—it adds a touch of mystery to any outfit and finds a way to work for everyone. Even if you don't love a straight-up all-black look, adding just a touch of it to your nails will elevate them to completely new heights. Whether you want to keep it simple or go the extra mile, you'll find the perfect black nail design inspo for you below.

Sparkly black nails

(Image credit: @betina_goldstein)

This shimmery black finish is part of a look that celebrity nail artist Betina Goldstein deems "vampire skin." She even used Chanel's Oversize Illuminating Powder ($95) to give the hands an additional glow.


(Image credit: @thehangedit)

At least one—or a couple—nails deserve the star treatment. A simple smiley design can uplift the mood.

Black chrome nail designs

(Image credit: @imarninails)

This black-and-chrome design is so unique.


(Image credit: @imarninails)

This intricate black-and-white design may not be easy to create on your own, but we have faith you'll find a pop-on manicure or nail artist who can assist. 


(Image credit: @themaniclub)

We recognize that all black isn't everyone's cup of tea, but you can still add it to a colorful look for extra pop.

Black nail designs

(Image credit: @thehangedit)

Why only wear one black nail design when you can wear several at the same time? These designs give off a serious '90s punk vibe.


(Image credit: @imarninails)

This 3D nail art is beyond cool. If you have the skills, make your black polish come to life for a look exclusive to you.


(Image credit: @imarninails)

Another one for those who fall into the "no plain black" camp. 


(Image credit: @thehangedit)

This galaxy-style yin and yang design is *chef's kiss.*


(Image credit: @themaniclub)

Bubbles are such an easy way to up-level a plain black nail. Color options are completely up to you.


(Image credit: @themaniclub)

Mixing black and brown shades is so simple yet so elegant. For a bit of a gradient effect, try it for yourself.


(Image credit: @imarninails)

Floral designs never go out of style, especially when they look this avant-garde. 


(Image credit: @thehangedit)

This is some serious art deco wizardry, and we are here for it.


(Image credit: @thehangedit)

If you're brave enough, try whipping up a black butterfly on a bare nail.


(Image credit: @thehangedit)

And we can't forget about constellation nails. So cute for any occasion.

For Easy Black Nail Designs, Try a Pop-On Manicure or Create Your Own Designs

This article was originally published at an earlier date and has since been updated.

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