I Swore This Controversial Trend Would Die by Fall (Boy Was I Wrong)

The fashion community is quite frankly over aligning with antiquated style rules. It's all about going for whatever the heck makes you happy and comfortable, rather than opting for what's flattering or pretty. So it's really no surprise that we've seen such a rise in "ugly" fashion thanks to this mentality. You know what we're talking about—those semi-controversial trends we all know are technically "uncool" but wear them on purpose regardless. There are popular standouts in this category like "dad" sneakers and loose jeans, but there's another ironic trend that's made major waves throughout the fashion scene over the summer: baggy Bermudas.

I'm personally all for this offbeat trend. The look is unexpected, forward, and so versatile. Bermudas can be dressed up with a blazer and heels for a polished feel, or down with a tee and sneakers for off-duty life. What more could you want? Exactly. But given the often cyclical nature of trends (yes, including the ugly items out there), I could've sworn this look would've died out after the summer months to make room for the next wave of trends. Boy was I wrong.

One thumb through Instagram, and it's quite evident that Bermuda shorts (especially leather styles from It brands like Bottega Veneta) are the answer to the coolest transitional item to carry you into fall. Legit every fashion girl continues to embrace the look.

Considering the trend's persistence, I bring you a bit of visual inspiration of some of the coolest style-setters wearing the trend I thought would fizzle away. And because I'm clearly encouraging you to test out the look as well, I shopped out some of the strongest silhouettes out there for you to jump on this trend wagon as well (if you haven't already of course).

Style Tip: Don't be afraid of leather on leather for an especially forward vibe.

Style Tip: Try baggy leather Bermudas for a casual office setting with a classic white blouse and heels.

Style Tip: Embrace the monochromatic vibe with shorts and a lightweight knit for a modern night-out ensemble.

Style Tip: Keep it cool on the weekends with a white T-shirt, longer shorts, and heeled sandals.

Style Tip: Test out the trend with denim Bermuda shorts and amp up the ensemble with a graphic T-shirt and a tailored blazer.

Style Tip: Elevate flowy black shorts with a basic tee and statement jacket.

Style Tip: Lean into fall with a chunky sweater, leather shorts, and coordinating sandals or heels.

Style Tip: A polished blazer mixed with a tee, leather Bermudas, and mesh heels feels quite current.

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