Beauty Pie’s Eye Creams Are Legendary—I Ranked Them From Best to “Worst”

If there's one thing I'm skeptical about when it comes to beauty products, it's eye creams. Sure, they are a nice addition to your skincare routine, but despite the marketing claims, I always wonder how much of a difference they can actually make. I mean, let's face it, no eye cream is going to magically get rid of dark circles (no matter how much I wish for it).

That being said, I do think eye creams have some benefits that you simply won't get from your other skincare products. The most obvious one being that these creams are specifically designed for the delicate eye area. If you didn't know, the skin around your eyes is much more sensitive than the rest of your face, so it's best to use products that have been made with this in mind.

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As someone who suffers with dry skin around her eyes, I also think that eye creams are great for adding an extra bit of hydration. Plus, some products come with impressive ingredients that can help tackle things such as puffiness or fine lines.

However, as a beauty editor, I'm very aware of just how expensive eye creams can be, which is why I would never say that they are a necessary step in your routine. I was actually having this conversation with a friend the other day and she told me that she felt the same, until she discovered that one of her favourite, more affordable brands, Beauty Pie, did a range of eye creams that she had fallen in love with. As a big Beauty Pie fan, I was immediately intrigued. So much so, that I managed to get my hands on the brand's bestselling formulas to try them out for myself. Keep on scrolling for my honest review...

The Best Beauty Pie Eye Creams, Tried and Tested by a Beauty Editor

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1. Beauty Pie Plantastic™ Genius Ginseng™ Eye Energy Cream

2. Beauty Pie Triple Hyaluronic Acid Elastic Lifting Eye Serum

3. Beauty Pie Über Youth™ Super Eye Energy Peptide-Infusion Cream

4. Beauty Pie Youthbomb™ 360° Multi Action Eye Repair Night Serum

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