PSA for Curlies: Stylists Say This Particular Haircut Is Going to Be Huge This Summer

Woman with a curly bob

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I won't lie to you: I always thought that because I have curly hair, there's no way I could ever pull off a bob. Recently, though, I've seen so many cute bob hairstyles on social media that I'm now reconsidering my stance. I did cut my hair much shorter once, and surprisingly, I didn't hate it! And now that it's summer, I asked a hairstylist if a bob would be a good idea.

While I haven't gone for the chop just yet, she gave me some advice on what to do if I do want to go short for the summer. If you have curly hair and are also considering a potential bob, you're going to want to keep reading. A celebrity stylist shared all her tips for making this your best cut yet.

Who Is a Curly Bob Suited To?

Well, everyone, first of all. I'm team, "let everyone do what they want with their hair." I don't think anything should stop you from getting a haircut that you love and are excited about trying, but celebrity hairstylist Michelle Cleveland did offer some advice on the matter. A curly bob does tend to flatter certain face shapes over others. She says, "Honestly, the only face shape I wouldn't recommend to get a bob cut with curly hair is a round-shaped face. When the length is cut from curly hair, it shrinks up. When you’re cutting a bob (which is anything between the ear line and the collar bone), the cut can take on a round shape all by itself. For someone with a round head shape, this can create an over-accentuated shape which is not appealing."

How to Style a Curly Bob

Styling a curly bob might require a bit of extra prep and you should make sure your strands are cut well first. Cleveland notes that it's important to see the right stylist since cutting curls is a different ballgame. "As with any curly haircut, it's super important to have a stylist who specializes in curly haircuts," she emphasizes. "My advice would be to make sure you find one and ask to see their work. Curly haircuts are cut completely different than a traditional cut. Getting a bad cut on curly hair can be a miserable experience."

As for styling, there are a ton of different ways you can go, depending on your curl type. Looser curl types 2b and 3a can probably get away with using a quick styling cream or gel to give curls extra bounce without any extra heat. Tighter curls and coils may need a bit of extra hydration and shaping and may want to use a gel. Cleveland also says, "Allow the hair to air dry or dry with a diffuser and set in place with a light hold, humidity-resistant hair spray."

Curly Bob Inspiration

Emmanuelle Koffi with a curly bob

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A curly bob with bangs is definitely a bold move, but it looks so good on type 3 curls.

Frann Fyne with a curly bob

(Image credit: @frannfyne)

Now this is a proper bob. Looser curl types can wash and go with an easy cut like this.

Kari Seward with a curly bob

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Kari's curly bob has so much volume. A diffuser will definitely do the trick here, along with the right styling cream or gel.

Woman with a curly bob and bangs

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This coily bob is so cute and easy to style.

Woman with a curly bob and center part

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A curly bob with a center part and fringe is so summery.

Danielle Jinadu wears a bob haircut

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You can give a bob on natural hair some volume and shape by blow-drying from the bottom of your strands.

Woman with a French curly bob haircut

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If a French bob is more your style, opt for this curly style (beret optional).

Aida Badji wearing a curly bob

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If you have looser waves, this simple and chic bob is so classic.

Woman with a curly bob

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A curly lob is also the move for summer. It's the perfect length.

Melodie Banfield with a curly bob

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I think 2b–3a curls would look so chic with a side parted bob.

Emma Hoareau with a wavy bob

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Those with looser waves can just ruffle and go.

Freddie Harrel wears a curly bob

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IMO, 3c curl types might want to opt for a bob with layers. This adds a bit more shape and definition.

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