Meet the New Shoe Shape Balenciaga Is Pioneering

Balenciaga Knife Pump Street Style



There's nothing sleeker than the style of shoe we've seen popping up throughout New York Fashion Week: The Knife Pump ($1180) by Balenciaga. We're predicting it will be the next generation of Balenciaga shoes that take off, after this over-the-knee style, which we've seen in multiple shades, textures, and prints at just about every fashion event over the last year.

The Knife Pump's appeal could be attributed to fact that it's somehow been ingrained in every woman's mind (blame Christian Louboutin) that stilettos are the most feminine and chic shoe style you could own. Being both incredibly flattering yet completely timeless, Balenciaga has taken this style to the next level, by exaggerating the sleek point. We won't be surprised if retailers take cue from the pioneering designer label. This style is certainly not for the faint of heart and you better make sure you are prepared for added attention if you're caught in these. 

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