If You Liked Back-to-School Shopping, You'll Love This Roundup

As someone who was more than happy to put my days as a student behind me in favor of the working world, I will admit that the one thing I do miss is the thrill of back-to-school shopping. Whether it was new shoes, a backpack, shirts, pants—even an eraser!—something about starting the season off with fresh items just made you feel good.

So, what’s the adult equivalent? Back-to-work shopping, of course. Sure, you might not be coming off a three-month summer break, and there are no first-day-of-school jitters to go along with it, but entering fall equipped with an A+ work wardrobe can still do wonders for your morale and performance. As such, today we’re bringing you nine back-to-work outfits that are as affordable as they are stylish. Thanks to our very own Who What Wear collection at Target, every item you’re about to see below (modeled on some of our favorite influencers) is not just under $100, but under $50. Simply continue to see and shop the looks!