10 Easy Outfits Powerful Women Swear By


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Here at Who What Wear, we're lucky enough to know some pretty inspiring women. They're our peers, friends, and mentors, and not only have they carved out their own corners of success, but they've managed to do so in some seriously killer work outfits.

If you've ever heard the term enclothed cognition, it's the idea that what you wear can alter your mood or self-perception. So what is it that power women wear when they want to feel confident? We had to know. Below, 10 game-changing women let us in on the styles that make them feel ready to take on the world. For some, it's a killer pair of heels, for others, there's no better ensemble than sneakers and sweats. But, for every woman, the idea of a "power outfit" boils down to always choosing clothes that fit their mood (and the occasion at hand).

Feeling inspired to try a new (and easy) outfit on for size? Read on for 10 looks industry mavens swear by with a little shopping for you too!