I've Worked at Who What Wear for 5 Years—Here's How It's Shaped My Style

Fun fact: Over five years ago, in July 2013, I started interning at Who What Wear. It was the summer before my senior year of college and as a business major with just two short prior internships, I had little other experience or real qualifications for a career in fashion. I did, however, have a strong sense of personal style, a surprising amount of confidence in my own taste for a 21-year-old, and the ability to take direction, learn quickly, and know when to chime in at just the right moment. These things, along with amazing mentorship, supervisors, and a good chunk of luck, led me to a job shortly after graduation—and five years later, here we are.

I can now call my old supervisor, Michelle Scanga, one of my work BFFs; I've gotten to style countless photo shoots and write hundreds of articles; attend fashion shows and events I never imagined I'd be at; and have been lucky enough to go to work every day, first in L.A. and now in NYC, alongside some of the most stylish women I know. Not surprisingly, this has helped shape my style as I grew from intern to editor over the years, and I learned a lot about both myself and fashion along the way. To see and read about the five biggest ways my style and overall outlook on dressing has changed since starting here, simply continue on below.