Hit Refresh: 5 Items I'm Ditching for Spring (and 5 I'm Adding)


Ahh, spring cleaning. It's a phrase that is often used outside of its literal context. I just did a quick google search and it appears to be that this age-old saying has historic roots within multiple cultures. Well, hundreds of years ago they knew what was up. The concept of doing a deep cleanout come springtime just so happens to be one of my personal favorite personal traditions. Sending off boxes of coats to my parent's basement knowing that the temperatures won't drop low enough where we'll be needing them for many months is the greatest feeling. And so is introducing the cute spring pieces I've been wanting to wear for so long.

This year's spring cleaning is going to be a bit trend-driven. Certain items that I wore last year had their moment but are a bit overdue for a trip to my local clothing drop-off spot and I'm ready to adopt more timeless pieces that can be worn for so many different occasions. And like any wardrobe haul, I've made this one budget-friendly with the latest Who What Wear x Target drop that feels like a peek into spring.

Ditching: Revealing Tank Tops

Invest In: Breezy Blouses


(Image credit: @nicoleakhtarzad)

The products that always sell out fast from Who What Wear x Target are always cute tops. I mean, you can never have enough of them. I've had my share of revealing tank tops and this spring I'm wearing more demure tops that have unique features like peplum, cotton poplin, cute prints, and puff sleeves.


Ditching: Super-Short Hemlines

Invest In: Midi Dresses


(Image credit: @rachelnosco)

Another aspect of spring that I'm going to shy away from this year is the popular notion of adopting very short hemlines as soon as the temperature hits 60 degrees. I can get overly excited and move too fast too soon and the next thing you know I'm already in mini skirts. This year, I'll ease into my skirts and dresses, holding off on the tights, by choosing midi hemlines. How chic.


Ditching: Skinny Jeans

Invest In: Wide-Leg Leather Pants


(Image credit: @thecarolinelin)

I used to run for a pair of cropped skinny jeans in warmer weather but I've learned my lesson. A wide-leg or flared pant is much chicer. They enhance the waistline and make the legs look miles long. Stunning.


Toss: Graphic Tees

Invest In: Striped Knits


(Image credit: @emilisindlev)

You guys know I love a good graphic T-shirt, but these days, striped shirts and sweaters are feeling much more elevated for me. It gives off the French-girl vibe that we are all trying to attain and is forever timeless. Bon apétit. 


Toss: Skintight Tops

Invest In: Buttons Everywhere


(Image credit: @coultclassics)

Oh, how much I used to love the skintight top—especially in college. I still love a form-fitting moment but nothing too tight, please. Currently, I'm into the buttoned collar moment that is happening all over knitwear right now. You have the option to button all the way up or leave it open halfway to show some skin. I like to play around with both. 


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