I Just Finished Selecting My Styling Staples for the Year—Get Your Carts Ready

I know what you're thinking. We're a few days into February, and you only just finalized gathering your style staples for the year? Honestly, I'm judging myself too, but good things take time, and I had a few ideas cooking in the oven longer than expected. As style staples should traditionally be, my finds are straightforward and can be worn in numerous ways. My excitement about the experimentation I plan to do with them is quite contagious, and lately, I haven't been able to shut up about it when catching up with friends. I want to spread that energy to you by showcasing some pieces I'm excited to announce are so good for 2022.

They all put a bit of a twist on the classics, which is something I always look for in my clothing. Since I was doing quite the raging haul this past January, I was really looking for pieces that could fit into a reasonable budget, so I happily turned to the Who What Wear x Target collection. There, I found really great wardrobe staples, all under $70, that I'm obsessed with. I'm feeling like a winner today, and you can too with a quick look at the below selects.

1. Leather Separates


(Image credit: @tatiana.piper)

We've reached a point where every day is a good day to wear leather. It doesn't take much effort to feel dressed up when you have a piece like this.

2. Cozy Dresses


(Image credit: @aniyahmorinia)

Who says wearing a dress needs to be uncomfortable. Cozy dresses have officially won me over as a must-have after I've adopted quite a few into my closet.

3. Updated Trousers


(Image credit: @thecarolinelin)

As a society, we spent years wearing nothing but jeans and have fully made the transition to leather pants. What's next, might you ask? Updated trousers.

4. Statement Outerwear


(Image credit: @rachelnosco)

I always encourage my friends to buy into fun outerwear. If you live in a cold climate, often the only thing someone sees on you is your coat. So pick a good one.

And a few more affordable finds I'm diving into:

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