Trust Me—These 6 Autumn Hair Trends Are About to Take Off

As a beauty editor, I take my autumn hair trends extremely seriously. I love the "back to school" feeling that autumn brings— I basically consider it a new term for my hair, makeup and nails. The clean slate of a new season is the ideal time to experiment with a hair transformation, whether it be a fresh cut, a new hair colour or a hairstyle update to elevate your current look. 

The hair trends of 2023 that we're already familiar with are very much here to stay, but with subtle tweaks for the season ahead. For one, bob haircuts are not going anywhere—we've seen every type of bob surface, from the box bob to the Italian bob and every variation in between.

Meanwhile, our penchant for all things quiet luxury is trickling into salons too, with hairstylists noting that more and more of us are requesting expensive-looking hair colours and blowdries. "Quiet luxury or ‘old-money glamour’ are fashion trends pioneered by luxury brands like The Row, and we are seeing this translated into beauty with hairstyles that utilise more classic, elongated or filled-out shapes with effortless movement, giving us prestige ‘heir hair'," says Tom Smith, international artist in residence at Billi Currie. He describes this as "styles born into wealth who’d accept nothing less than a grain of colour comparable to luxury fabrics like cashmere, silk and heavy, woven wools." 

Of course, there's no denying Y2K's influence on autumn 2023's hair trends. Copper and bright red hair, which may have been regarded as "dated" hair trends, are making a huge comeback, with a number of celebrities turning to fiery tones as we prepare to head into the new season.

Ready for some autumn hair trend inspiration? I asked the UK's top hairstylists and colourists to share their predictions for the season ahead.

1. The Flow-Dry


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The "flow-dry" is the undone hair trend for autumn 2023. Rather than overly styled, this hairstyle has a soft bend in the hair and boasts a glossy, expensive shine. "The flow-dry has a softness to it that means when you walk, it flows and bounces. The ends are not super straight; they have a soft bend," says celebrity hairstylist and Matrix ambassador, Zoe Irwin. "In the salon I’m being asked to pair everything down and add a soft ripple into the hair."

This one is all in the hair prep before blow-drying to achieve the undone yet polished look. "When brushing out curls, put your brush on the underside of the hair and your hand on top to ensure a smooth finish," says Irwin.

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2. The Polished Bob


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2023's most popular haircut isn't going anywhere come autumn, says Jake Unger, head of education at HOB Salons. "Bobs are and always will be the go-to for a style overhaul. Each season there are minor or major tweaks that propel the bob to new highs," he says. "For me, this season is all about the ‘old-money’ aesthetic—think Chanel or classic Ralph Lauren. Keep your bob a tad longer to enable the ends to be blow dried under or flicked out, and remember not too much volume at the roots," he says.

To style, Unger recommends using rollers to achieve that salon bounce. "The key is to look like you have done your hair, shifting away from the recent relaxed, undone looks that we have grown accustomed to," he says.

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3. The Quiet-Luxury Piece


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Whilst we've seen the statement money-piece technique dominate since 2020, we can expect face-framing highlights to take on a certain subtlety for autumn 2023. "In autumn/winter 2023 we're going to witness this trend translating to hair, evolving out of the popular spring/summer 2023 ‘money piece’ trend that dominated social media and was seen on celebrities such as Dua Lipa and Jennifer Lopez," says Jordanna Cobella, Wella Professional UK and Ireland colour and trend ambassador. "Think '90s slice-lights but refreshed to incorporate wider sections and tones that complement each other. I recommend sticking to a neutral palette—buttery blondes, clay browns and toffee tones are perfect for ensuring the trend looks luxurious."

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4. Vixen Red


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From cowboy copper to marmalade, for autumn 2023, expect to see 50 shades of red coming out of salons. "It’s no secret that copper hair has truly become a staple shade after spending the last decade being unfairly undesirable," says Smith. "The natural progression from soft into stronger coppers is then heading into punchier reds, and we're already seeing this clear direction. More acidic tones of candy, rose and cherry are being incorporated into copper hair for the bolder amongst us, and this will grow in popularity throughout autumn and towards the festive season.”

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5. The High-Low


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Half-up, half-down hairstyles have been cropping up on just about every red carpet of late, and this versatile hairstyle isn't going anywhere. "There is a wonderfully practical element to this trend, as it keeps long lengths away from the face, meaning the best of both worlds—long and statement-making, yet comfortable and practical," says Smith. "It's also great for someone who’d like to give the illusion that they are taller.”

This style is ideal for those with braids, notes Smith. "Braids can be traditional, twisted or locked, but should max out the practical length and move freely from their base on the scalp to allow for versatility when styling," he says. "The amount swept up into a knot can vary depending on your preference, but for the ultimate cheekbone-lifting effect, draw up the parts of the hair that sit at the temples and above to the crown.”

6. '90s Blonde


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Creamy, '90s-inspired blonde is back in a big way, says Irwin. "The trend is perfect for those who want a modern take on the classic 1990s grunge look. The trend is characterised by a warmer palette of blonde shades," she says. Picture the golden tones of Michelle Pfieffer in Scarface.

Want to ask for this hair colour in the salon? "The colour is created with a teased root and varying levels of lightening to add contour and dimension," says Irwin. "The hair is then glossed with delicate beige and golden tones." The result? Nineties-supermodel blonde.

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