We'll All Be Dying Our Hair These 5 Colors for Fall, According to Stylists

It isn't just a change in season that fall's arrival marks—it's a change in mindset too. For me, when it comes to beauty, the shift from summer to cooler climes has me instantly drifting towards hibernation mode and that means focusing on a more nourishing skincare routine (cleansing balms and hair masks are my current beauty BFFs), and embracing deeper hues in my makeup bag in the form of classic berry-toned lipsticks and grungier nail colors.

When it comes to hair, though, along with the inevitable turn to the dark side, celebs and fashion girls have been stepping out in a spectrum of fresh colors for fall 2021. My go-to hair salon, Muse of London, is taking inspiration from the kitchen cupboard with a spice rack-inspired menu of hair colors for autumn, from turmeric to paprika. While editorially we are seeing everything from icy blonde to raven black leading the way.

Autumn hair colours: Zendaya with red hair at the Emmys



To find out exactly which shades will be taking off for the season ahead, I caught up with a couple of top hair experts for all the color intel. I also found out some top tips on keeping your color looking fresh for as long as possible, in addition to garnering plenty of inspiration from the fashion and girls and celebs who have already embraced the new seasonal shades. 

Ready for a confidence boost? Keep scrolling to discover this fall's top five trending hair colors.

1. Peppercorn Black

Autumn hair colours: Lucy Hale with peppercorn black hair



"We created the polarising onyx black and pale blonde colors at Prada, and it feels evident to me that this season is going to be about strong global colors," explained Josh Wood, celebrity colorist and founder of Josh Wood Colour. "I think, in some ways, it's a slight reaction against balayage or heavily blended colors."

The key to embracing a strong, "one shade all over" look though is to focus on boosting shine. "Peppercorn black can be created with a full head tint to give the hair a super-glossy finish," said Carly Price, partner stylist at Muse of London.

Wood agrees. "Well-conditioned hair is everything this season, linking into hair health as a symbol of our overall well-being."

While she looks fabulous with bleached strands and softer honey highlights, Kim Kardashian often returns to the dark side for her fall style.

I love Lizzo's colorful hair looks, but this simple jet-black ponytail is timeless.

Autumn hair colours: Barbara Malewicz with peppercorn black hair



I'm getting major Snow White vibes from Barbara Malewicz's cute black bob.

2. Golden Turmeric

Autumn hair colours: Sophie Turner with golden turmeric hair



"Shades of yellow blonde resembling turmeric can be created with a golden balayage," said Price. "We're sure to use Olaplex and hair treatment and strengthening services to clients interested in lightening their locks for the season to ensure hair looks as healthy and shiny as possible."

Autumn hair colours: Kendall Jenner with golden turmeric hair



I'm all over Kendall Jenner's golden-blonde pony.

Autumn hair colours: Beyonce with golden turmeric hair



Beyoncé's blonde of choice is this yellow-toned hue that's so on-trend for fall 2021.

Our unexpected Instagram style icon Rachel Stevens opts for turmeric-toned highlights to update her brown lob for the season ahead.

3. Ice Cold Silver

Autumn hair colours: Iskra Lawrence with ice cool hair



"Ice-white and silver shades are always popular during the cooler months, and that's no different for fall/winter," advised Price. "We'll see a lot of blonde clients looking to update their locks and give them a fresh look for the season coming into the salon for babylights, highlights and to have their hair pre-lightened and toned for that ice-queen look."

Autumn hair colours: Lily Aldridge with ice cool hair



Blonde takes a walk on the cool side with this bleached style modeled by the even cooler Lily Aldridge. 

Zoë's cool blonde braids are so damn chic.

Autumn hair colours: Jada Pinkett Smith with ice cool hair



I adore the silver-toned blonde of Jada's braided updo.

4. Paprika Spice

Autumn hair colours: FKA Twigs with paprika spice hair



"Red shades like hot chili red and smoked paprika can be achieved by tinting the hair, or adding in red and copper highlights onto a brunette base to give the hair an instant update for the season," said Price.

Wood also focused on red as a key shade this fall but is opting for a softer take on the hue for real-life wear. "We are creating more solid colors in the atelier," explained Wood. "They aren't as strong as the reds from the shows, but there is more focus on shine and gloss."

Make like Courtney Trop and match your chili-hued strands to your lipstick and jacket for fashion-girl points.

Autumn hair colours: Zendaya with paprika spice hair



Zendaya's rich auburn hair color has major autumnal vibes.

Autumn hair colours: Megan Ellaby with paprika spice hair



If you don't want to go pillar-box red, then opt for a red-toned brown like Megan Ellaby for an effortless approach to hair color.

5. Chocolate Brown

Autumn hair colours: Emily Ratajkowski and Ashley Graham with chocolate brown hair



Wood explains that there are two "queens of gloss" providing inspiration for the final hair color trend for autumn: "Vintage Cindy Crawford or Nanette Newman had super-shiny brunette hair that everybody wanted."

"Emily Ratajkowski is another celebrity whose hair is a great inspiration for color right now," agreed Price. "Emily has a gorgeous, luxurious chocolate hair hue—and this is exactly how brunettes should be for fall/winter, with high shine and looking as healthy as possible."

Kerry Washington's cute chocolate-brown curls and pearl hair clip are simply adorable.

Alyssa's fringe looks amazing in every color, but her deeper brown for autumn looks especially incredible.

Autumn hair colours: Bella Hadid with chocolate brown hair



Bella looks fab as a blonde, but I have a soft spot for this chocolate-brown look.

6. Pastel Pop

Autumn hair colours: Jessica Wu with pastel pop hair



"Pastels, also known as pop colors, such as lilac and baby pink are top of the trending list for fall/winter," advised celebrity hair colorist Rita Hazan. "I would highly recommend if you are indulging in these color trends to use my True Color Ultimate Shine Gloss ($21) to help prevent color fading and dullness. It comes in five shades, including clear, so even pop colors can now last longer!"

If you don't want to go for an all-over color, then try pastel highlights like Khloé Kardashian.

Autumn hair colours: Cynthia Erivo with pastel pop hair



Cynthia Erivo's curls look so damn lovely in lavender. 

Autumn hair colours: Helen Mirren with pastel pop hair



I'm not sure I'll ever get over how beautiful Helen Mirren looks with her candyfloss pink hairstyle.

Shop the Best Products to Maintain Your Color

Josh Wood recommends this semi-permanent treatment gloss for maintaining your color during the winter months. "We created Gloss to boost color while conditioning your hair at the same time. It's a semi-permanent color, 100% vegan, sulfate-free, and loaded with natural ingredients," he explained.

Rita Hazan's gloss comes in a selection of shades so you can get that shiny, on-trend, healthy-hair look whatever fall hair color you want.

"Hair masks and treatments are incredibly important and should be used a couple of times a week to keep color sealed in and to avoid fading and your hair going dry, brittle, and lifeless due to the colder weather," advised Carly Price. This one from Amika is one of my favorites thanks to its ability to seal split ends and intensely hydrate.

This new range from Living Proof uses a special "locking molecule" to prevent color fade.

"When it comes to maintaining fresh color during the cold months, it’s important to invest in color-saving shampoos and conditioners that will keep your hair color looking vibrant and long-lasting," advised Price.

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