Athletic Shorts Are the "Ugly" Summer Staple I Didn't Know I Needed

athletic shorts



Buh-bye, bike shorts. There's a newer shorts trend I'm after right now, and it's basically taken the place of my beloved bike shorts this season. I'll just warn you now: This one might seem random. I can't exactly pinpoint why, but suddenly, I'm obsessed with nylon athletic shorts, and they're all I want to wear (and shop for) while we're still in the thick of summer.

Last year, I wore my sweatshorts to death while lounging and working from home, but fast-forward a year, I'm still in the market for a comfy and lounge-ready pair. This time, however, I'm swapping sweats out for a style that also happens to be versatile enough for everything from outdoor runs to travel and the occasional Netflix session. The styles that have my attention? They're inspired by traditional soccer and basketball pairs with drawstrings and nylon finishing. While OG sportswear brands like Umbro have been doing this forever, designer pairs from Prada, Staud, and Coperni have emerged, and accordingly, fashion people have been styling the athletic staple in their casual warm-weather 'fits.

Below, shop the coolest athletic shorts that have a fashion-person spin to them, and get inspired by how the style set is wearing them right now.



These have become a hit among several WWW editors already.



If we're talking nylon shorts, these are the goal.

The scalloped hem ensures these are fashion-y.

Style these with chunky sandals and a racer tank.

Just look how good they are with a blazer.



I had a hard time choosing between the five colors these come in.

I've never described athletic items as beautiful before, but I think these qualify.

Note the built-in double layer that makes these extra comfy.

This image makes me think sport shorts qualify as a beach cover-up, too.



The OG soccer shorts that started it all.

Summer workouts are calling your name.

Okay, these may be from the men's section, but you can't tell me they're not a vibe.

Love when the item comes with an outfit idea.



Pajama shorts you can (and should) keep wearing throughout your day.

It's the neon drawstring for me.

Because Nike always comes through.