I'm So Done With These 5 Shorts Trends and Way Too Excited About These 5



Sorry to the outdated shorts in my closet, but you're about to get the boot. They may be a summertime staple, but that doesn't mean they're not subject to the whims of the fashion cycle just like any other article of clothing. From fabric and finishing to silhouette and cut, shorts trends tend to change with every passing summer. 

As for summer 2021, I did some reflecting to determine the shorts that feel the freshest right now and will continue to dominate into next season and, consequently, which trends I've grown tired of in my own closet. From denim shorts to boxers, continue on to find out the five outdated shorts trends that are on the decline and five that couldn't feel fresher. 

Done With: Short Cutoffs

Excited About: Pleated Shorts

Longer and looser shorts just continue to dominate across the board, so I'm officially saying goodbye to any styles that are super short and have a tighter fit. (See ya, barely-there cutoffs.) One style I've been wearing on repeat this summer? Pleated shorts. The tailored style feels polished and easygoing at the same time.

Done With: Knit Hot Pants

Excited About: Ribbed Briefs

We may no longer be confined to our homes, but comfort is still front and center in our wardrobes. While knit hot pants had their moment last year, I'm all about ribbed briefs for lounging and sleeping in right now thanks mostly to a certain Skims pair that seems to always be selling out. They're cool, comfy, and a little bit more wearable.

Done With: Paperbag Shorts

Excited About: "Fashion" Boxers



I'm setting aside shorts with a paperbag waist in favor of a less bulky silhouette and one that's trending hard this summer: poplin boxer shorts. From cult brands like The Frankie Shop to affordable favorites like Mango, the humble boxer shorts are getting a major fashion-person upgrade, especially when styled as a matching set.

Done With: Tight Denim Bermudas

Excited About: Longer and Looser Denim Shorts



As I mentioned above, I'm done with clingy denim shorts regardless of the hemline. That includes tighter denim Bermudas, a trend I recently added to the donation pile during my last closet audit. In their place, I've added a few looser and longer denim shorts that I've been wearing a ton this summer.

Done With: Sweatshorts

Excited About: Nylon Athletic Shorts



This one might seem random, but I'm suddenly obsessed with nylon basketball and soccer shorts. Whereas last summer I wore my sweatshorts to death, I'm swapping them out for an equally comfortable style that works for everything from travel to workouts.