We're Here for These New Under-$75 Leggings and Sports Bras

Are you ready for some exciting ASOS-related news? Today, the brand launched its first activewear line, ASOS 4505, which features a range of pieces that perfectly fuses together functionality, comfort, and, of course, fashion. Its slogan? "Activewear for everyday wear."

The collection includes everything from the classic workout staples you'd wear to the gym (we're talking about leggings and sports bras) to ski slope–approved pieces for a winter getaway (waterproof snowboard jackets and pants that have been designed with pockets and inserts to maximize practicality, per the press release).

Many of the leggings and sports bras in this activewear range are seamless, a design element aiming to "to increase comfort and reduce irritation caused by seams during a workout," according to the press release.

The collection boasts very reasonably priced pieces, with the all of the leggings and sports bras ringing in under $75. And, of course, it's important to mention that ASOS 4505 includes maternity items as well as the brand's standard Tall, Petite, and Curve selections. Now, read on to shop some of our favorite picks from the newly launched line, and then head to ASOS to check out the complete range.