7 Trends Ashley Olsen Predicted Years Ago


Getty Images

For years and years, I’ve looked to Ashley Olsen as a fashion muse—and I know there are countless others who have followed her style choices just as closely. Her style is a blend of super-classic pieces that work season after season, but also trend-forward items like unexpected silhouettes and colors that make her style feel so fresh and modern.

Recently, I was looking back through photos of Olsen from the 2000s and 2010s, and it occurred to me just how many of her outfits from years past are still relevant today. The puffy sleeves that have been everywhere over the last year? She wore them back in 2011. The crocodile bags we’ve seen everywhere this fall? She has a collection she’s been wearing for years. Ahead, see seven fall 2018 trends Ashley Olsen predicted years ago and get some inspiration for how to style them like the fashion icon. Then, shop pieces to tap into her style.