The 11 ARKET Buys Fashion People Can't Get Enough of Right Now


(Image credit: Courtesy of Arket)

One of the best things about working at Who What Wear UK is that we have access to a bunch of data about the shopping habits of our readers. Don't worry, we're not judging how much you're shopping at H&M (and, of course, we can't see who's buying what). But we can see which items are flying off the digital shelves, giving us a shortcut to identifying the very best and most popular products backed by you. 

Let me tell you, it's fascinating—and looking at this data has resulted in some of my most successful wardrobe purchases (thanks for the tip-offs, everyone). If you're one of our avid readers, you may know we regularly report on the most-wanted items at Zara, to save you having to trawl through the entire site to find those hero items that will inevitably sell out first.

But here, I'm going to share the most recent best sellers from Arket. If you're familiar with the Swedish-based high-street brand, you'll know that it focuses on timeless classics of great quality at affordable prices—what's not to love? There's no wonder, then, that it's a fashion person's haven for wardrobe essentials, and my fellow editors and I shop there a lot. It makes arguably the most perfect white T-shirt of all time, and the same goes for its blazers. 

After doing some digging into the best-selling Arket items so far this month (and this year), I was glad to see a lot of my personal favourite classics cropping up again and again, especially the brand's knitwear pieces, which I pull out year after year. Arket has less of a trend-led, fast-fashion approach than stores like Zara, and, thankfully, it restocks its best-selling basics year-round.

Not only are the items below backed by a fashion editor, they're also backed by hundreds and hundreds of other Who What Wear UK readers who have also chosen to purchase them, so you don't have to just take my word for it that they really must be good. Along with the evergreen classics on this list, there's also a few new-in items, like the uber-chic loose cloud jeans and those gorgeous silk trousers that I'm excited to try (and you should be too). 

Keep scrolling to see the 11 current best-sellers from Arket…

1. Crew-Neck T-shirt

2. Puffer Coat

3. Wool Blend Twill Trousers

4. Curved Bag

5. Silk Trousers

6. Alpaca Blend Jumper

7. Rib Tank Top

8. Jade Cropped Slim Stretch Jeans

9. Wool Blend Blazer

10. Cloud Low Loose Jeans

11. Relaxed Poplin Shirt

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