The T-Shirt Style That's Not Selling Anymore

Naturally, at the end of the year, we tend to reflect and reminisce on the high and low moments of the year and plan to set fresh beginnings for the new year ahead. The fashion equivalent of an annual reflection means looking at data to find the trends people loved to hate, the clothing terms with increased searches, and the items that sold the most units. Enter today’s story where we’re sharing the top-selling T-shirts of the year. Thanks to insight from our in-house affiliate team, we’ve gathered the 10 tees that were most popular among our readers over the past 12 months.

Take a glance at the below T-shirts and you’ll quickly see a theme. The majority of the tees are fitted, crewneck T-shirts with the exception of two V-neck options. Another observation? Our readers prefer to spend under $50 on white tees unless it’s a splurge designer purchase like this Gucci logo tee that made the number seven spot. We also noticed scoopneck options were missing from the list, which leads us to ask and assume: Are scoopnecks outdated? Based on our shopping insight, it’s safe to say it’s the style that’s not selling anymore. Below you’ll find the wardrobe essential ranked from the 10th slot to the number one style of the year. Scroll down to see and shop the most popular T-shirts.