This Blogger's Solution for Necklace Layering Will Blow Your Mind

Recently, we've been fans of choosing dainty necklaces over chunky ones and piling them on for a sleek, stacked look. However, this trend comes with one major gripe that we’ve yet to solve: At the end of the day, our perfectly layered gold or silver chains end up either totally tangled together or wrapped up within a knot of our hair (usually both). However, one blogger has solved our problem with a tip that’s so clever and so obvious, we're bummed we didn't think of it months ago.

>Today, Courtney Trop of Always Judging let us in on a hack for making your necklace pairings stay in place. In an Instagram post, she wrote, "If you link two necklaces together, they don't spin around and get tangled together as easily."

>In other words, simply put on your first necklace, then when you add a second, link one of the chain links to the clasp of the first necklace. This way, the jewelry is prevented from moving or tangling. See? So easy and yet kind of a game changer. 

>Scroll down to see Trop's original post with her genius pro tip.

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Do you have more clever and game-changing tips for layering jewelry? Let us know in the comments. Please.