I Polled My Editor Friends, and These Are the Fine-Jewelry Pieces They All Love

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(Image credit: Bloomingdale's)

Now that I've clocked in close to ten years of experience in the fashion industry, I know there are a handful of credible sources to trust for style advice. I can always count on my gut when scrolling through pages of new arrivals, but when in doubt, I turn to my editor colleagues. 

Whenever I'm in a pickle on what to buy, they always come through with their expert advice. This time, I needed help picking out my holiday gifting pieces. I want to gift my loved ones with timeless jewelry this season, so we collectively turned to Bloomingdale's to take a look at its vast collection. The retailer boasts a truly impressive assortment of jewelry, from 18-karat-gold necklaces to staple diamond earrings as well as classic silver fine watches. The options are endless and we spent hours narrowing down the top picks. Ahead, you'll find all the pieces that got my editor friends' stamp of approval.

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