7 Classic Items Women Over 40 Wear to the Airport

Age is just a number (and you should wear whatever you love, no matter when your birthday falls), but we do often turn to women over the age of 40, in particular, for a lot of our style advice. After all, women in this bracket have spent time homing in on their personal style and have thus developed quite the functional wardrobe. In fact, there’s actually a lot to learn when it comes to the versatile and classic pieces celebrities over 40 love—especially the items they wear at the airport.

With that in mind, we thought we’d take the next few moments to share with you the timeless items A-listers like Halle Berry, Victoria Beckham, and Jane Fonda have worn at the airport for years. Because come on, who isn't consistently on the hunt for sophisticated yet comfortable outfits to upgrade that travel game? Exactly.

Keep scrolling to check out the sleek must-haves worth testing out for an elevated airport vibe.

1. Tailored Coat
Victoria Beckham Women Over 40 Airport Style


Getty Images

Who: Victoria Beckham

If it’s an elegant airport ensemble you’re looking for, don’t underestimate the power of a gorgeous overcoat for a high-end-feeling look.

2. Blazer
Elle Macpherson Women Over 40 Airport Style


Backgrid AU / BACKGRID

Who: Elle Macpherson

A sleek blazer will bring polish to any outfit. If you want to amp up your airport style, consider a crisp, slightly slouchier silhouette (you know, for extra comfort).

3. Straight-Leg Jeans
Halle Berry Women Over 40 Airport Style


Robert Kamau/Getty Images

Who: Halle Berry

Skinny jeans may not be the most comfortable for long flight, so straight-leg styles or baggier fits (especially with a bit of stretch) may be your best bet to remain cool and chill.

4. Athletic Sneakers
Naomi Campbell Women Over 40 Airport Style


Ron Asadorian/SplashNews.com

Who: Naomi Campbell

You clearly can’t go wrong with classic sneakers for a long day of travel. The beauty of a lace-up pair like these is that they’ll legit go with anything—from leggings to jeans.

5. Trench Coat
Cindy Crawford Women Over 40 Airport Style



Who: Cindy Crawford

Toss a trench over anything—even a cozy travel look—and you’ll look instantly sophisticated.

6. Black Ankle Boots
Jane Fonda Women Over 40 Airport Style


GVK/Bauer-Griffin/Getty Images

Who: Jane Fonda

Not feeling sneakers? A pair of black ankle boots will also work great for the airport. We’d suggest a pair with a chunkier heel that either pull on or have a zipper so you can easily take them off when needed.

7. Flowy Dress
Heidi Klum Women Over 40 Airport Style



Who: Heidi Klum

While a dress may not be the first item that comes to mind for travel, a flowy style actually feels quite fresh and could be quite comfortable.

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