5 Royal-Approved Fashion Items You Can Buy at H&M Right Now

Not too long ago, I was researching products for another affordable fashion–focused story when I noticed H&M’s current selection was feeling rather, well, regal. Acting on my hunch, I started to look into what the latest staples on the royal circuit are, using the content written by my colleagues as a tool. After some digging, I can’t say I was too surprised to see that I was, in fact, right.

From clutches to cardigans, there are countless royal-approved fashion finds on H&M at this very minute, but there are five in particular that I (not to mention our favorite princesses, queens, duchesses) am the most into right now. And even though I’m admittedly not the most into Meghan Markle’s style when compared to that of some of her royal competition, I have to say the woman knows how to dress up a pair of skinny jeans.

To read about what else made the list, see them in action; then—most importantly—shop the pieces for yourself.

1. Classic Coats

As seen on Princess Charlene of Monaco:
Princess Charlene of Monaco


Pierre Suu/Getty Images

They love to top off their outfits with structured outerwear—extra points if it comes with a belt.

2. Skinny Jeans

As seen on Meghan, Duchess of Sussex:
Meghan, Duchess of Sussex


Samir Hussein/WireImage

The go-to denim choice of both Meghan and Catherine for polished yet casual looks.

3. Velvet-Anything

As seen on Lady Kitty Spencer:
Lady Kitty Spencer


GOR/GC Images

Across the board, they’re major proponents of the luxe material.

4. Clutches

As seen on Queen Letizia of Spain:
Queen Letizia of Spain


Jose Luis Cuesta - Pool/Getty Images

Day or night, you’ll find them carrying a structured clutch.

5 Cardigans

As seen on Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge:
Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge


Samir Hussein/Samir Hussein/WireImage

Ending with my personal favorite, the cardigan may be a staple, but right now it’s a trend, too.

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