I Can't With Heels Anymore, so I Found the Best Flat Shoes Under $150

Affordable Flat Shoes



I'm going through a breakup. And no, it's not with my significant other. It's with my high heels. While they may be nice to look at and offer my 5'3'' frame some much-needed height, let's be real. They wreak havoc on your feet. Even a comfortable pair only stays comfortable until you wear them for more than an hour. And if you actually have to walk somewhere farther than three blocks? Forget it. Game over. Not to mention, the pandemic made my feet a little too comfortable with slippers and all manner of flat shoes.

The good news is that I'm not even upset about it. There are so many amazingly chic and affordable flat options out there right now that I don't even miss my heels. If you're thinking, "This is all well and good, but there's no way a pair of flats can compare to my going-out heels," think again. I've found replacements for those too. And they're all under $150.

Happy scrolling!   

Lug-sole loafers have been all the rage lately. Get 'em while they're hot!

The taupe color and quilting on these make them super special. And at $25, it doesn't get better for affordable flat shoes.

I love showcasing bold-colored shoes with an otherwise pared-down outfit. 

Wear these with a floral minidress when the weather gets warm.

For when you really can't deal with anything other than sheer comfort. 

I'll be wearing these all summer.

Dr. Martens are coming back in a big way, and this is my favorite style right now.

The tortoiseshell buckle here is so major. 

I was hard-pressed to find a pair of lace-up boots for under $150, but these are so elegant.

I hate to say it, but I'm kind of obsessed with these. 

Vans has been repping the checkered trend since the beginning. 

Style your Chelsea boots with a midi skirt like they have here and wear them year-round. 

When Everlane gets it right, they get it right. 

Replace your foam flip-flops with leather ones for a more refined look. 

These would look so good with a pair of '90s-style ripped jeans. 

These minimal loafers are the epitome of chic. 

Such cute sneakers for running around on the weekend.

These metallic beauties can easily replace several pairs of going-out heels.

Patent ballerina flats will instantly dress up any outfit. 

Love them or hate them, Birkenstocks are here to stay. 

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