I'm Stealing Summer Outfit Ideas From 14-Year-Old Katherine Heigl


Rex Features

While there are some concerning plot points in the ’90s film My Father the Hero, the outfits are the one thing the movie got right. A 14-year-old Katherine Heigl starred in the film for her first lead role and played the daughter of French actor Gerard Depardieu. And when he took her on a vacation to the Bahamas, she stepped on the beach in some seriously stylish outfits.

Recently, the looks that Heigl wore resurfaced in my mind because they feel so right for 2018. They really distilled the best of casual-cool ’90s summer outfits. From a smocked blue dress that instantly made me think of current designs from Brock to a streamlined spaghetti strap one-piece swimsuit in a bright coral shade, these pieces are just as relevant now as they were 20 years ago. Now I’ll be the first to admit that I have a soft spot for the ease of ’90s fashion, so this will probably come as no surprise, but I want every single look from the movie in my closet for the summer months ahead.