I Write for Vogue and Essence—29 Pieces I Think Are the Coolest Right Now


(Image credit: @jamilahadiyaa)

If you're like me, you're probably enjoying the fact that unique, fun-centered pieces are the name of the game in fashion right now. I'm as much a lover of classics as the next (I mean, they're necessary), but these days, I have more of a pull toward the coolest pieces I can find. Whether it's a statement kind of cool or a subtle twist on a staple kind of cool.

Between an inbox flooded with new releases for my job as a writer and perusing my favorite retailers such as Revolve and Net-a-Porter for my own guilty pleasure, I'm constantly bombarded with fashion pieces. So when a piece stands out, it's usually because it's pretty special (even if it's just a pair of jeans that has a little something extra).

That said, it's only right to share some of my favorite picks of the moment. Ahead, here are 29 of the coolest pieces to shop online right now (in my opinion, at least). Buckle up and get ready to take in everything from statement cardigans and subversive tanks to what I'm sure is the best slouchy bag I've seen yet.

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