I'm a Handbag Expert—These Are the 3 Styles That Will Rise in Popularity in 2023


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If you're interested in investing in a new designer handbag, you might be quite interested in the information coming your way. That's right. We tapped one of the ultimate handbag experts—Charles Gorra, CEO and founder of resale mecca Rebag—to get his thoughts on the specific bag shapes that will rise in popularity in 2023 given the current sell-out factor and most-searched bags in general. He also filled us in on the styles he thinks will retain or increase in value in the new year.

It's also worth noting that Rebag just introduced Rebag Wallet, a new tool that, as the brand describes, "centralizes seller payouts, known as Seller Funds, as well as all additional Rebag proceeds." Basically, once your transaction is fully processed, you'll see your total spending power in a new section called Wallet. Also, Seller Funds will increase by 1% per month for up to 12 months. And if you put your funds toward another Rebag purchase, you'll get a 10% spending bonus. Essentially, there's a whole lot happening in the world of Rebag right now.

With all of this in mind, keep scrolling for handbag shopping inspiration, featuring the trending styles, according to Gorra. 

Supersized Bags

"Supersized bags like the Saint Laurent Icare tote and Chanel 22 are trending, and bigger is better."

Classic Styles

"Classic ladylike, rectangular bags like the Prada Re-Edition 1995 are coming back."

Heart-Shaped Bags

"Heart-shaped bags, like the ones from Chanel and Louis Vuitton, are also increasing in popularity."

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Bobby Schuessler
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