Insert Flame Emoji: Here Are the 5 Buzziest Swimwear Trends for 2022

If ever there was a swimwear season for travel restrictions to be reduced and our suitcases to reflect the excitement, it is this year—2022's swimwear trends are ready to go. I am a self-confessed swimwear obsessive, and after over a decade as a buying director for my own swimwear business, I'm always on the lookout for the next big designers and trends. I'm regularly asked why I love swimwear so much, and to be honest, it just kind of happened. I have so many beautiful memories of dreamy summers spent on the beach with my family in Puglia growing up, so for me, swimwear is synonymous with being happy and having fun. I always felt my most confident in the sun, and that was mostly down to the swimwear I picked up on shopping trips with my mother. Then there's the fact a bikini or swimsuit can have a longer life than many other fashion purchases. In fact, most swimwear styles rarely date, and if you buy well, you will hold on to pieces for years to come.


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But how do you know which styles will actually suit your body shape? Well, that takes a little practice with trying on different styles to see what suits your own body. If you're a swimwear rookie, the best way is to order a selection of styles to try on at home and see what works and what you feel most comfortable in. There are many beautiful designs that stand out on the page but may not all actually translate into being flattering, comfortable, or practical—this is what ultimately sets one swimwear buyer apart from another. 


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For 2022's swimwear trends, discreet pieces need not apply. If you’re lucky enough to get away this year, then summer 2022 is all about getting dressed up for the beach. Minimalism has no place here. Even the most streamlined swimsuits have delicate cutout details, wraparound straps, or standout 3D corsages. These swimwear trends are so fabulous they really speak for themselves so here are my five top swimwear trends for 2022. I hope you enjoy wearing them as much as you like reading this!


1. Cutout Swimsuits
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2. Corsage Details
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3. Wraparound Bikinis
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4. '90s Briefs
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5. Handkerchief Tops
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This post originally appeared on Who What Wear UK. Next up, read about the celebrity bikini trend we're all talking about.

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