This Fashion Item Is Experiencing an "Epic Collapse"


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As you know, 2020 really did a number on our wardrobes. All at once, it was out with the party clothes and workwear and in with the loungewear 24/7. But things look a little different this year, with vaccinations ramping up and hope for being able to do fun activities safely again. This means our shopping is starting to look a bit different this year too, as evidenced by a Business of Fashion article entitled "Consumers Are Already Saying Goodbye to Their Sweatpants".

In the article, it's stated that "[Google] queries about high-heeled shoes have in recent days hit levels not seen since February 2020, while searches for sweatpants are experiencing an epic collapse." Translation: People are growing tired of only wearing comfortable clothes for staying home and want to shop for things that will be seen out in the worldBusiness of Fashion continues, "The speedy return of pre-pandemic shopping patterns and travel plans points to a quick recovery for some of the apparel categories hit hardest by Covid-19, and perhaps a come down for some of the pandemic’s biggest sellers."

Of course, this doesn't mean that it's time to return to normal life and party just yet, but it does indicate that the (hopefully near) future looks brighter, and our wardrobes and shopping habits—footwear included—are reflecting that. If you've heard the term "revenge heels" floating around lately, these Google search trends are directly related. So let's take a break from shopping for sweatpants and shop for some amazing heels, shall we? Keep scrolling to do just that.

Next up, the sandal trend I'm wearing to ease back into real shoes.

Allyson Payer
Senior Editor

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