Wait, I Definitely Wore These 2018 Trends as a Kid

It can't just be me—I'm seeing the 1990s fashion trends that I actually wore in the decade popping up everywhere I look, including in my own closet. I love the '90s mostly because I was born halfway through the decade, so I get to look back nostalgically on my earliest days. The '90s have never been more relevant than they are now, but it hasn't been until recently that 2018's fashion trends have hit so close to home. Clear bags, rainbow jewelry, color clashing—fashion's giving me free reign to dress like a kid again, and I'm not mad about it. Not mad at all.

Apparently, every other '90s baby is feeling the same nostalgia as I am, so I enlisted the help of my sister and another Who What Wear editor to make sure I wasn't the only one feeling like 6-year-old me predicted the best trends of 2018. It turns out that we were all way ahead of our time (or maybe we're all just really nostalgic these days). Anyway, all I'm saying is that there is a reason it feels like we've seen this summer's most stylish items before.

Go on to see how we wore the trends then and now. Warning: Cute-slash-embarrassing baby photos lie ahead.

Now you're sure which 1990s trends to resurrect.