5 Ways to Be a Fashion Rule Breaker, According to Zendaya

Zendaya is officially coming for your entire closet. Earlier this year, she launched an amazing collection of shoes, but now she's expanding her Daya by Zendaya line to include clothes—very chic and super-affordable ones, at that. But the new wares aren't the only thing she has up her sleeve right now. She just launched Zendaya: The App, where you can shop the collection and get a behind-the-scenes look at her life via unfiltered videos, a curated radio station, and more.

Dying to know more about her new venture, we went straight to the source and chatted with Zendaya herself. As we've come to expect from the wise-beyond-her-years 20-year-old, her answers were insightful and her advice definitely worth heeding. Scroll down to hear her sound off on everything from the importance of body diversity to her tips on developing your style.

Scroll down to read Zendaya's best tips on being a fashion rule breaker, and shop the best pieces from her brand-new clothing line!

1. Do You—and Only You


Daya by Zendaya

Daya by Zendaya Quilted Kimono Wrap Jacket ($98) and Quilted Joggers ($68)

When it comes to developing your style, it's easy to be susceptible to outside influence, but Zendaya advocates for putting on your blinders and focusing on what you truly love. "I think the number one thing to keep in mind is that you cannot develop a style based on other peoples' opinions of yourself," she told Who What Wear. "That's just not good. You're not going to develop a style—you're going to develop someone else's style. You have to create something that is solely controlled [by] you."

2. Embrace Change


Daya by Zendaya

Daya by Zendaya Longline Satin Bomber ($88) and Satin Cross-Back Slip Dress ($58)

For Zendaya, it was important that her collection promote body inclusivity, with sizes 0 through 22. "There are a billion different types of body shapes in the world, and to annihilate an entire section makes no sense to me," she said. "To me, [inclusive sizing] is a first instinct."

Even though it was a natural thought for her, she acknowledges that the industry hasn't always been that way—which is why she's taking an active part in the revolution. "I'm trying to be a part of the change and taking the steps, but this is the future, and you can't hide from it anymore. You can't hide from where things are headed and the open-mindedness of the new generations. We're running things."

3. Take It One Day at a Time


Daya by Zendaya

Daya by Zendaya Patched Military Anorak ($138), Ribbed Crop Top ($48), and Ribbed Skater Skirt ($58)

Hesitant to step outside of your style comfort zone? Don't fret: Zendaya says that slow and steady wins the race. "I think it takes time to know what you like and what you don't like," she told us. "It takes time to really get confidence. You have to push your limits a little bit, and [what helps is] just knowing that it's a daily process and is much easier said than done. Don't rush yourself. Take your time. As long as you do one thing a day to better yourself and to love yourself, then you're on the right track."

Experimentation is the name of the game when it comes to discovering and developing your own sense of style. In other words, it's time to pull the trigger and buy that one item you've had your eye on but weren't sure if you could really pull off. "[Experimenting with your style is] the only way to truly find out what you like and what you don't, and if you don't try things you'll never know," Zendaya explained to us.

5. Take Pointers From Pros


Daya by Zendaya 

Daya by Zendaya Satin Paneled Top ($48)

Even the most seasoned style stars could use a little help now and then. Whether you brush up on expert advice or emulate fashion editors, there are tons of ways you can lean on others for support. For Zendaya, there's one person in particular who she turns to for advice: her stylist and co-designer, Law Roach.

"Law and I are collaborators on this [collection]," she told us. "We work together. We're a team. It's really the same thing we do when we put together looks on the red carpet. It's a collaboration. It's us trusting each other and respecting each other's opinions and working from there."

What's your favorite tip from Zendaya? Tell us in the comments below, and then shop the full Daya by Zendaya collection online! If you want to see the wares IRL, find out more information about her pop-up shops in New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles this weekend—Zendaya herself will be making appearances at all three events on Saturday!

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