These 33 Zara Items Are the GOAT, End of Story

In case you haven't heard, the kids these days are using the acronym GOAT to describe things that they consider the greatest of all time. While I might get a few at-me-not-with-me laughs when I say that word out loud, I couldn't help but use it to describe all of the new items that just rolled in at Zara. Clearly, we love a good Zara roundup around these parts, but we wanted to differentiate the 33 pieces ahead from the other Zara stories we've done recently because the GOAT deserves a solo moment in the spotlight.

Ahead, shop the new Zara items we are loving in addition to the ones that might have slipped through the cracks due to the sheer volume of products on the site. Here, you'll find everything from party dresses to statement handbags to outerwear and beyond, so in case you were in the mood to peruse Zara as a means to distract you from your actual work, read this story instead. All the best things are here anyway.