I Placed 15 Zara Orders This Year, and These 8 Pieces Were the Best

With 12 months in a year, 15 Zara orders seems reasonable, right? (I will continue to tell myself that it is.) The truth is I didn't actually keep everything I purchased from these orders. I find Zara sizing and quality to be a bit inconsistent, yet I live in a state that doesn't even have a brick-and-mortar Zara location (if you're listening, Zara powers that be, please grace North Carolina with your presence), so I have to just order online and hope for the best. Since I write quite a few Zara stories, I often find myself searching through the depths of the site to share with you, lovely readers, and I obviously can't help but choose a few things for myself along the way.

Upon scrolling through my 2018 Zara order history this week, I noticed a few patterns: There were very few pants, skirts, and shorts but quite a few tops, sweaters, and accessories. There were certainly exceptions, but I guess I just like what I like. So, in case you're interested, keep reading to find out (and shop) my top eight Zara purchases of 2018, all of which I cherish and wear frequently, as well as a few I wish I'd bought but, alas, did not.