I Placed 15 Zara Orders This Year, and These 8 Pieces Were the Best

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With 12 months in a year, 15 Zara orders seems reasonable, right? (I will continue to tell myself that it is.) The truth is I didn't actually keep everything I purchased from these orders. I find Zara sizing and quality to be a bit inconsistent, yet I live in a state that doesn't even have a brick-and-mortar Zara location (if you're listening, Zara powers that be, please grace North Carolina with your presence), so I have to just order online and hope for the best. Since I write quite a few Zara stories, I often find myself searching through the depths of the site to share with you, lovely readers, and I obviously can't help but choose a few things for myself along the way.

Upon scrolling through my 2018 Zara order history this week, I noticed a few patterns: There were very few pants, skirts, and shorts but quite a few tops, sweaters, and accessories. There were certainly exceptions, but I guess I just like what I like. So, in case you're interested, keep reading to find out (and shop) my top eight Zara purchases of 2018, all of which I cherish and wear frequently, as well as a few I wish I'd bought but, alas, did not.

Words can't describe how soft this cardigan is, and the buttons are even prettier in person. No wonder it keeps selling out in every color.

Again with the softness… and what's cooler than snake print right now?

Dare I say that this perfect little cardigan looks vintage? I'm saying it.

I think what I initially loved about this scarf was the black-and-brown combination. It's been keeping me very cozy and chic thus far this winter.

I carried this bag around all summer, day and night. That's what I call a low cost per wear.

Some of my favorite Zara purchases are often the most "boring" ones, like this simple, versatile turtleneck.

I purchased this jacket for a fall trip to New York, and it proved to be the perfect layering piece.

I ordered these even before they became Zara's It shoes of summer 2018. I packed them for every warm-weather trip I took.

Shop Zara Pieces I Wish I'd Bought in 2018

I can't stop thinking about this cozy little number.

Seriously, how is this still in stock?

I'm predicting these will be 2019's It shoes.

I'd gladly put $30 toward sparkly bike shorts.

I want to wear this on New Year's Eve.