H&M Curated a Y2K Fashion Edit—30 Things I'd Buy Immediately

Y2K fashion at H&M


@chichiokigbae; STYLING: H&M Fitted Dress ($13)

If you keep up with the latest in fashion (of course you do since you're reading WWW), you're well aware of the sudden resurgence of everything from the crazy era that was the early 2000s. From platform flip-flops to velour tracksuits, there are so many trends from the decade ruled by Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, and Lindsay Lohan that are fully back in action here in 2021. More than a few other trends have been making their way out of 2001 and right into our closets 20 years later—and this edit includes a ton of them.

While doing some regularly scheduled online shopping, I spotted a section on H&M's site dedicated to the throwback trend and simply couldn't hold back. The retailer is diving into the early 2000s look with plenty of items ranging from über trendy to more wardrobe basics. Flared leggings, halter necklines, and crop tops galore are what you'll find in the below roundup and if you're anything like me you'll be adding one (or several) trendy thrills to your cart immediately. Keep scrolling to see and shop the 30 Y2K items H&M is really selling me on.

Any Y2K starter pack needs something butterfly-themed.

Not a trendy jean style but the trendy jean style of the moment.

I'm always looking for cool LBDs to add to my closet, and this ruched number looks especially fun.

I already own this in black, but the brown is calling my name now too.

The definition of a trendy basic.

How pretty is this crinkled texture though?

Just throw on a leather jacket, and you're ready for a fall night out.

Exactly how I'd style these.

A bit retro and a bit preppy is the goal. This little knit does both.

BRB, buying this in every color.

Yes, cropped cardigans are trending again.

This reminds me of the Lisa Frank notebooks I hoarded in grade school, and I love that.

Well, this looks expensive now, doesn't it?

For embracing your inner Bella Hadid.

To wear with jeans and chunky jewelry.

A cool basic you'll get so much use out of.

Track pants could easily become the new sweatpants. You heard it here first.

I'd style this over slip dresses, blazers, and jeans.

I suggest grabbing this in both the black and white colors.

You're going to get so much use out of it. Trust.

Still not over halters? Me neither.

Leaving you with this beautiful skirt that no one will believe you spent $13 on.