Gen Z Have Spoken: These 5 Trends Are Going to be Huge in 2023

I never expected to have an existential crisis about my emoji usage but we’re in the year 2023 so that’s pretty much par for the course. For context, when I asked my Gen-Z cousins about fashion trends, I also discovered they would never use the laugh-cry emoji. I hate to break it to you my fellow Millennials but one of our most-used emoticons is a signifier that we’re no longer relevant (well, at least that’s how I’ve interpreted it *inserts laugh-cry emoji*). The good news is that while I might be, ahem, "old” in some ways, Gen-Z fashion trends are something I can get on board with. 

I spoke to a range of Gen-Z influencers from all over the world—from Indonesia to the UK—on the biggest trends for 2023 and what they're wearing right now. I also scoped out the Lyst Index's Q1 report for this seasons hottest (read: "coolest") pieces of the quarter, and the top five were: Uniqlo crossbody bags, Rick Owens sunglasses, Weekday's genderless jeans, Adidas Gazelles and Diesel's denim maxi skirt. And if that doesn't read like a Gen-Z shopping list, I don't know what does. Depop is also seeing a popularity surge in resin rings and an +800% increase in searches of skinny sunglasses thanks to the likes of Bella Hadid's very retro-style, so roll on the Y2K revival.


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But what do people who identify as Gen Z make of all this? Do they agree? From Awa, a Swedish singer based in the UK to Jade, a creative consultant in the U.S., there's one consistent theme that emerged: nearly every Gen-Z trend they told me about seems to be based on an originally '00s or '90s look. While I might have experienced these the first time around, I do like the latest updates on the 2023 versions. So keep scrolling for everything you need to know on the biggest Gen-Z trends right now. 



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Yes it continues. Sorry Millennials but skinnies are "cheugy", do people still say that? All the kids are wearing baggy and wide leg jeans, and the runway has followed suit. "I would say definitely wide-leg pants or jeans and just oversized clothes, in general, is by far the biggest trend amongst Gen-Z shoppers."—@itsbasra




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Remember baby tees? They just grew up, and now they're chicer, slim fit, cropped tops and blouses. "I love Netflix shows like Girlfriends, I love to see that representation on screen with women like Tracee Ellis Ross, which makes you feel like you can do what they're doing. The fashion is so great, and I'm really into small '90s/00s looking tops right now. In general, though I'm also trying to be more aware of my footprint and buying things that last for longer."—@thisisawa




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Cargos, joggers, the looser the leg, the better. While boomers are edging towards cigarette pants and millennials are focusing on the straight-leg, for Gen-Z, it's all about the slouch. "For me, I'd probably say relaxed trousers a key trend. They're like the acceptable form of sweats to wear out. They can be chic, minimal, and elegant without doing too much, whether you throw on an oversized blazer, a tank, or a fun print. My whole style is based around elevated basics and I think loose pants are a staple!"—@jadeswildparty




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Minimalism? Leave it to millennials. Gen-z are embracing colour, print and texture, and, all at once. "I would say, pattern clashing is a big trend for 2023, it helps to think outside the box a little when piecing an outfit together. A lot of bloggers and influencers I follow are really on the hype with clashes and mixing different textures/layers. I’ve noticed oversized/early '90s/'00s styles are becoming more popular too."—@anishakalsi




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Good news Spice Girls fans, it's time to dust off your platform trainers, according to Gen-Z, flat shoes are out. "Before the pandemic, it was Gucci, Gucci, Gucci horsebit loafers, and bursts of colours. But now it's much more loungewear and a laid-back approach. In terms of shoes, I think what’s in trend now is thick soles inspired by Prada and Gucci's chunky loafers—they're almost the new Balenciaga Triple S in my country."—@nuhevita


 Gen-Z's Most Shopped: The Capsule Wardrobe

1. The Crossbody Bag

2. The Loose-Fitting Jeans

3. The North Face Puffer Coat

4. The Nike Jordan 1

6. The Supersized Scrunchies

5. Corset Tops

6. Moto Jackets

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