Mark My Words: These Are the 5 Most Wearable Trends for Fall

While gearing up for the colder weather, my mind has been preoccupied with trying to figure out which pieces to invest in first. We've seen so many bubble up in the last few months alone (artful prints, shearling backs, and chunky cropped sweaters to name a few), making it even harder to choose a starting point. With trends abound this fall, I figured I'd start with the most "wearable" ones. 

Of course, what's considered wearable varies from person to person and from style to style, but for all intents and purposes, my definition includes trends that anyone can pull off with minimal effort. That means you could buy any one of them right now and wouldn't have to reconfigure your whole closet to make it work. For me, it's all about pieces that are elevated statements on their own but have a quiet yet interesting edge. From ribbed-knit separates to faux-leather wonders, I'm counting down the five trends I'm adding to my fall wardrobe first. Keep reading to see which made the cut.

Faux Leather



I'm like a moth to a flame when it comes to faux leather, especially when it starts to get cold. It really has a tendency to make the person wearing it look instantly put-together, so I'm stocking up something serious. Shamefully, I've spent a small fortune on faux-leather pieces in the past, but lucky for my wallet, I've stumbled upon a gold mine of affordable pieces, from dresses to polished trousers.

Wearing sweaters nonstop in the fall can feel about as thrilling as watching water boil, so I always like to look for pieces with standout details: Here's where cool collars come in. They're not just life-changing on a sweater. An elaborate collar can turn around a boring button-down and make it feel fresh, too.

Cropped Cardigans



Cardigans are going short this season, and I'm in love. I find that the higher proportions are way easier to carry and accentuate a wider variety of body types. They also feel more intentional stylistically, and even with jeans or basic trousers, they make your outfit read as more of a "lewk." 

All Ribbed Everything

A shortcut to looking luxurious this season is to embrace all things ribbed. (That also extends to corduroy!) Right now, I'm looking for sweaters, pants, dresses, and skirts with some sort of ribbed detail for days when I can't be bothered to try to squeak out a decent outfit. It's really so effortless and, thus, super wearable.

Creamy Tones

If you don't mind carrying around a stain-removal pen, then I'd advise you to go for head-to-toe tones of creamy neutrals this fall. Whether it's a set or two pieces within the same color family, monochromatic shades of white are instant sophistication. Despite their high-maintenance nature, sartorially, it's quite simple to add bright neutrals into your day-to-day uniform.