I Told My Friends to Try These Fall Trends First, and They're All Under $100

I Told My Friends to Try These Fall Trends First—And They're All Under $100


@frannfyne; Styling: Mango Ribbed Knit Cardigan ($60)

My inner circle often taps me for sartorial guidance. I’m naturally always down to offer my tips given my role as a fashion editor. On that note, one of my friends recently asked me for advice on a few trends worth testing out first this season. While there’s a list of new items I’m gravitating toward, there are actually five that I think are especially noteworthy.

First and foremost, my best friends typically like pieces that aren’t a ton of fuss and are simple to style with other basics in their wardrobes. The trends I suggested fit that bill perfectly. They’re also front-runners because they can actually be purchased on the more affordable side. Sure, the trends in question can certainly be found at a variety of price points, but they’re available for under $100 as well.

So if you, too, are looking for a bit of fall shopping inspiration, keep scrolling to check out the trend ideas I sent over to my friends that I think you’ll also be into.

1. Lettuce-Edge Separates

A lettuce-edge detail brings a forward twist to those trusty basics. This is one detail that will continue to be a favorite among the fashion crowd. 

2. Oversize Shirting

This season, the one elevated basic that seems to be at the front of every style-setter’s closet is the oversize shirt. While there are myriad colors that are popular, a classic white blouse is a great choice.

3. Tailored Vests

No, sweater-vests aren’t going anywhere, but tailored gilets are where it’s at this season if you want to bring a trend-forward feel to your wardrobe. Wear a vest as a top with jeans or matching pants or over a tee or blouse.

4. Ribbed Cardigans

Ribbed cardigans have been favorites for many over the last few seasons, and those with buttons are so chic when worn on their own or as a layering item.

5. Loose Jeans

I’m all about loose jeans right now (a departure from my traditional skinny jeans). The denim silhouette feels modern and foward.