I Just Spent Hours Searching for Stylish Workout Clothes—This Is What Stood Out

Hands up if you find yourself setting a new gym goal every January (and this time, really meaning it), only to cancel your membership within a few short months. Raise your other hand if you're determined to break this cycle in 2024. Same—and you can hold me to that. And although we firmly believe that a new year doesn't need new resolutions, a new you or new hobbies, there are some habits I would like to improve on this year. 

When it comes to working out, I'll take motivation wherever I can find it, even if it's in the stream of stylish activewear that starts hitting the new-in pages within moments of the clock striking midnight. It might sound silly, but I'm convinced that cute workout gear takes a little of the sting out of those ab-burning burpees. We all know the physical and mental benefits of working out, but there's nothing to say we can't look good while doing it, too. 


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Even if you're a hardened gym go-er and don't need that sartorial push, January is a time when many of us evaluate our wardrobes and assess the gaps. It doesn't mean we need to ditch it all and start a fresh, but we are perhaps looking to upgrade a basic here and invest in a new wardrobe hero there. Realised your trusty pair of sports leggings is looking a little tired? Or perhaps you need a few colourful pieces to refresh your comfy weekend wardrobe? If so, you're in the right place, because I've rounded up all the stylish activewear out there right now. And trust me, there was a lot to sift through. 

When shopping for gym garb, I believe comfort is key. Above all else, you want to feel like you can move your body without worrying about waistbands digging in or feeling unsupported in the bust area. If you're prone to overheating, look out for fabrics that are designed to keep you cool while you build up a sweat.

But you can put your feet up for now, because I've created an edit of all the pieces you need to get started. From sustainable sports bras made from recycled plastic bottles (yes, really) to relaxed sweatsuits you can wear to yoga, brunch and beyond, take a peek at my edit of the most stylish stretchy separates below.



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Style Notes: Do your research and choose a sports bra that's supportive, flattering and will work well on its own as well as layered under T-shirts.

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Style Notes: Different exercises require different leggings; for slow-paced yoga, a stretchy cotton pair will suffice, while runners know the importance of sweat-wicking materials.

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Style Notes: Sweatshirts aren't reserved for the gym. The right one will also keep you company on coffee runs, lunch dates and shopping trips.

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Style Notes: Trainers are a cornerstone of all modern footwear collections. Depending on your workout of choice, you'll need a high-quality pair that offers support and breathability.

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Style Notes: Stick to sleeveless tanks for high-impact workouts and insulating long-sleeved tops for winter runs and park yoga.

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Style Notes: When you're not styling your sweatpants into chic everyday looks like all our favourite influencers, they still serve as a foolproof option for gentle gym sessions.

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Style Notes: Athletic shorts are a must-have in the warmer months. No one wants to be squeezing their sweaty thighs into tight leggings when it's 30+ degrees outside.

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This story was originally published at an earlier date and has since been updated.

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