I Live for Yoga and Pilates—These Are the Pieces That Help My Flow

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I workout five days a week—from spin class to high intensity work out, I mean it when I say I love to move my body. But if push came to shove, which it seems like it has, Pilates is my favorite child. The form of exercise truly changed my life (without exaggeration). Three times a week is all I needed to get my core strength back and I’m now never reverting back. Plus, my mental clarity has reached a new high since prioritizing exercise in my daily routine.

If you were to ask me though, what my advice would be when starting to incorporate working out to your daily life, I would say to trust the process (it's all about your mind and body working coherently) and to wear the right apparel. You'd of course look cute while you're getting your flow in, but it goes deeper than that. Pilates involves a lot of bending and stretching, so your workout attire needs to be comfortable, non-restricting, and breathable. Athleta is my go-to for pieces that check all of the above. Made from buttery-soft Powervita fabric, the leggings and sports bras in the new collection boast gentle compression and quick-dry capabilities, making them ideal for your Pilates wardrobe. Keep scrolling for my top picks.

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