5 Things I Never Wear When I Work From Home


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After over two years of working remotely as a fashion and beauty writer, I'm confident I've cracked the work-from-home code. For instance, I know the importance of taking regular, short breaks away from my computer to keep me alert and productive all day long. I know that keeping coffee at hand is a basic cardinal rule. I also know that I must change out of my pajamas as soon as I'm out of bed each morning, even if I wake up early with time to spare or I'm having a meeting-less day. If I stay in my pajamas, I won't feel as energetic or as mentally sharp as I need to be in order to tackle the first influx of emails.

I also know that the clothes I change into need to strike a very specific balance. My outfits can't be too comfortable. Wearing sweatpants day in and day out would get a little, er, dispiriting (not to mention boring). They can't be too stiff and corporate-feeling, either, because comfort is key. Keep scrolling to see the five things I never wear when I work from home (and what I wear instead).

I Never Wear: Uncomfortable Heels

Instead, I Wear: Block Heels, Mules, and Flats

When working from home, I forgo uncomfortable heels in favor of more forgiving types, such as block heels, mules, and sleek flats. They complement the rest of my outfit and keep it looking elevated and professional without causing any dreaded chafing or blisters. My motto is never to wear uncomfortable shoes if you don't have to, and you definitely don't have to if you work from home. 

I Never Wear: Trousers or Suit Pants

Instead, I Wear: Jeans and Sweatpants

Aside from the occasional meeting or expert interview, I'm almost always in a casual environment (either the aforementioned neighborhood coffee shop, coworking space, or my apartment). Suit pants and trousers feel too formal and, well, corporate in these environments. That's why I almost never wear them. Instead, I invest in a few pairs of foolproof and versatile jeans that can be dressed up or down depending on the situation. And, of course, there's always a need for sweatpants from time to time when working from home.

I Never Wear: Stiff, Corporate Blouses

Instead, I Wear: T-Shirts

Like I said before, comfort is key when I'm working from home. I don't want to be distracted from my work by the clothes I'm wearing. As such, I choose to wear what might be the most comfortable piece of clothing ever created: the humble T-shirt.

Because there are endless T-shirt–and-jean combinations, I never get bored. I also never feel frumpy thanks to cool designs and a multitude of sleek styles that I've accumulated over the past two years (boxy tees, cropped tees, figure-hugging crew-neck tees, and more). Mixing up the design, color, and print of my T-shirt collection makes my daily work-from-home uniform feel fresh.

I Never Wear: Structured Top-Handle Bags

Instead, I Wear: Crossbody and Tote Bags

I live in Los Angeles and I walk everywhere, which is totally unique because most everyone else drives. (Seriously, L.A. should be re-nicknamed the City of Cars.) Typically, I walk to and from various coffee shops, workspaces, and meetings. Since I'm almost always carrying my computer along with me (working remotely means your computer is your office), I require hands-free bags, like over-the-shoulder totes and crossbody types. They provide me with easy access to my keys, credit card, phone, and computer charger without having to actually carry something else in my hands—a coffee and my computer are enough to juggle. 

I Never Wear: Fussy, Layered Jewelry

Instead, I Wear: Simple Statement Rings 

While I love delicate, layered jewelry as much as the next person, I've found that this type gets tangled easily, turning into something that's fussy and frustrating to put on and then subsequently remove. Instead, I swear by statement rings. They're easy to mix and match, and they're just as eye-catching as other types of jewelry without the extra hassle. I slip on one, two, or three statement rings each day, and I feel put-together and well-accessorized in no time at all. Plus, I get to look at them and enjoy them, catching flashes of gold and silver while my fingers fly across my computer's keyboard.

This story was originally published at an earlier date and has been updated.

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