10 Things Fashion Girls Wear When They Want to Be Comfortable

The phrase "comfort is key" is a familiar one, but for fashion girls, it's not the only thing to consider when choosing an outfit. With the prevalence of the athleisure trend over the past several years, more than ever, stylish women are finding unique ways to conquer the fashion versus comfort debate, by proving that it's 100% possible to achieve both.

Sure, leggings and sweats will always be the first things that come to mind for many people when they hear the word comfort, but the fashion crowd undoubtedly gets more creative when they want to be comfortable. So we turned to street style to narrow it down to 10 comfortable pieces that you're sure to find in every fashion girl's closet, and as you'll see, none of these looks resemble the outfits that most of us wear to Netflix and chill. In fact, among these are looks you can wear to the office or even for a night out.

Keep scrolling to see what fashion girls wear when they want to be comfortable (and stylish), and shop our picks for each category.


There's something satisfying about putting on one piece and you're done. You can wear this chic black jumpsuit with just about any shoe style.


We can't recall what we all wore before it was acceptable to wear sneakers everywhere and with anything.

Graphic Tees

Graphic tees are cooler than ever, and we hope that never changes. We're currently coveting this retro one by Coach. 



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If you've ever carried a backpack, you know what we mean when we say it's comfortable to be hands-free. 

Wide-Leg Jeans

These non-constricting jeans feel forward, and they'll even keep you cool in the warmer months. 



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It doesn't get cozier or cooler than an oversize hoodie. 

Midi Dresses and Sandals

A pretty dress instantly feels chill (but still pretty) when you add a pair of flat sandals. 

Pajama Pieces 

Tip: Wear these with a pair of heels to avoid a literal bedtime-chic look.

Flat Mules

Ah, the many wonders of flat mules—they make any outfit look effortlessly stylish, and you can slip them on and go in two seconds flat. (On a side note, how gorgeous is this Zara pair?)

Track Pants


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Want something as comfortable as leggings and sweats but a little more polished? Get a pair of track pants (i.e., these). 

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