This New Line Makes Leggings From Couture Fabric

By now we're no longer convincing you that leggings are an important part of anyone's wardrobe—you already know that they're more than just an off-duty staple, as they're what we put on to move freely from gym to street and to feel empowered. Needless to say, we're always on the hunt for the latest legging trends that will update our collection. Whether it be the prettiest patterned leggings to controversial "naked" leggings, we're always quick to inform you on the best new leggings out there so you can be the first to try them out. Which is why we couldn't wait to share when we heard about a new activewear brand that's making the leggings you'll wear for years to come—yes, years.

Wone legging brand


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Wone is the new five-piece activewear collection doing things differently. Founder Kristin Hildebrand has a unique concept for the line and it involves her commitment to slow fashion and a wariness to give in to an Instagram-dominated market. Though the brand has a presence on the platform, it's not aiming to make a loud social media splash. Hildebrand notes, "The brand is built on philosophical practices that don't align with social media, making it impossible to use as a marketing platform."

What that actually boils down to is an activewear line made with the highest quality fabrics—think materials made for Olympic athletes and couture-level design methods. And since each piece in the minimalist collection is made to withstand thousands of wash cycles, we mean it when we say that a pair of Wone leggings might be the last you purchase in a while.

Ahead read our Q&A with the Wone founder and shop the capsule collection for yourself.

Long-lasting leggings


Courtesy Wone

What prompted you to start Wone?

Frustration. Knowing and understanding the industry mechanics versus the ideal way things should be done was a huge factor in the creation of the brand. We all have a vision of how a brand should operate and how the product should be made than that of the industry standard.

Where do you source the fabrics from?

We source materials seasonally by visiting and partnering with premium fabric and yarn mills around the world. For collection 1, Wone partners with the world's leading knit and woven material engineers located in France, pioneering both unique fabric construction and testing protocol.

What exactly makes the line "couture-quality"?

Wone utilizes woven and knit innovations, which can best be described as the "Couture of Sport Performance". Such materials are only otherwise seen on Olympic and elite competition stages, due to their handling complexity and cost. Utilizing such high modulus, luxe-hand materials offer the highest performance garments, which will retain both maximum stretch and recovery, as well as complete opaqueness throughout the garment's lifespan. These attributes ensure the best quality and product longevity for each garment we produce.

How long is each piece expected to last?

Wone materials have unmatched results for durability and color-fastness with materials withstanding 50,000 cycle abrasion testing resulting in 0% fiber degradation and maintaining a consistently premium color rating of 4/5. We encourage our clients to invest in our garments to last well through a year introducing the pieces to their outfits on a daily basis.

Which activities is the line meant for?

Wone is perfect for cardio, spin, hit, or any SLT-based workouts, as well as being easily styled into daily wardrobes. Bra support is size-dependent, but we do not recommend it for high-impact runs or vigorous multidirectional sport use, as support is medium to light through our size offering.

Who is the Wone customer?

The Wone customer isn't a demographic—again, it's a shared philosophy. A belief that fabrication, fit, function, and simplicity are building blocks for beautiful timeless garments. Our customer is confident in what we stand for and what they are purchasing, as we aren't reliant upon a marketing gimmick, a loud print, or a seasonal colorway.

Shop Wone's first capsule activewear collection

Available in sizes XS to L.

Available in sizes XS to L.

Available in sizes XS to L.

Available in sizes XS to L.

Available in sizes XS to L.

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