6 Practical Winter Trends Fashion People Are Actually Wearing Right Now

As an L.A. girl who moved to NYC about six years ago, I quickly realized that when it comes to winter fashion, there's no way to get around dressing practically for the cold. You can think you look cute and don't care about the elements until you step out of your apartment in February and one gust of wind has you running back home to fix whatever faux pas you thought you'd get away with. Trust me—I've learned my lesson the hard way more times than I'd like to admit.

On that note, whether you live on the East Coast or not, today's roundup should still be useful or, at the very least, informative. Below, I've detailed six winter trends our favorite fashion girls are wearing that actually fit the bill for cold weather. In other words, no cutout sweaters, ripped jeans, or open-toe footwear are included. To see what made the cut and, of course, shop my picks for each look along the way, just keep scrolling.

1. Furry Hats

Winter Trends: Furry Hats



Finally, an accessory trend that's not only cute to look at but also warm and cozy. Behold the furry hat.


An easy way to lighten up an all-black look.

And no, it doesn't have to be designer! While I love a North Face x Gucci or Loewe moment, any puffer that goes above and beyond to look intentional and chic will do the trick.

Pastels for fall are, indeed, groundbreaking. 

3. Tights

Winter Trends: Tights



Tights are technically a staple, but in terms of their cool factor, they tend to go through ebbs and flows. Thankfully, this season, slightly sheer tights paired with anything from boots to loafers are very much in. 

4. Shearling Coats

Especially when combined with leather, the shearling (and faux-shearling) coat is having a major moment this year, spotted on countless fashion people and on every one of my favorite sites. 


This stunner has been all over my feed lately.

Winter Trends: Uggs



If you're not excited about the return of Uggs, then I bet you haven't slipped your feet into a pair recently. 


The fact that these are still in stock is genuinely shocking. 

6. Layers on Layers

Winter Trends: Layers



When it comes to layering, more is more, so throw on that turtleneck, button-down, sweater, coat, scarf, and whatever else you need to feel warm, cozy, and cool.

There are endless ways to style this staple.

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This story was previously published and has since been updated.