The Coolest Winter Travel Outfits to Copy

Winter traveling can be stressful, plain and simple. There's always the possibility of serious flight delays due to weather, and of course, come holiday season, the airports get insanely busy—that means much longer wait times. But there is one way to reduce the stress, and it comes down to nailing the perfect winter travel outfit that's both practical (we're talking TSA-friendly) and comfortable.

Whether you need to spend the night at the airport or hop straight off the plane to your annual family get-together, there's a look for every type of winter travel scenario. Some classic must-haves, though? A comfortable pair of pants, whether leggings, velvet flares, or loose-fitting track pants. Of course, a cozy sweater and jacket are other essentials to have on hand when dealing with the frigid airport (and plane) temperatures.

Ahead, see all the best winter travel outfits; then shop our selection of travel essentials to invest in ahead of your holiday vacation.