5 Winter Trends That Look Perfect With Skinny Jeans

I think it's safe to say that we no longer need to debate the relevance of skinny jeans in the fashion person's wardrobe. While they might not be the It pair of the moment, the style has transcended trendiness and is simply a staple everyone should (and likely does already) own.

That said, when styling your skinnies, at times you might feel like you're hitting a sartorial wall as far as how forward you can make your outfit feel—and it’s only natural. You may be used to styling them with whatever was popular at the time you bought them or are simply accustomed to pairing them with your favorite basics. However, today I'm here to both tell and show you how you can make your favorite skinny jeans feel brand-new for winter by combining them with some of the season's biggest trends. From outerwear to footwear, just keep scrolling to see the five ways to make your skinny jeans feel like the trendiest pants on the block.

1. Mid-Calf Boots

Winter Skinny Jean Outfits



After all, if you're going to invest in this unique feature, it might as well show rather than get hidden under baggier pants. 

2. Long Coats

Winter Skinny Jean Outfits @aimeesong



A flowy long coat is a perfect complement to sleek skinny jeans.

3. Retro Running Sneakers

Winter Skinny Jean Outfits @mon.agar



Swap your leggings for skinny jeans to give your go-to sneakers just a touch more polish.

4. Quilted Jackets

Winter Skinny Jean Outfits @anoukyve



I love the look of a puffy jacket juxtaposed with tight, cropped skinny jeans. Bonus points if you add a belt.

5. Western Boots

Winter Skinny Jean Outfits @xbibigul



Even from a functionality standpoint, skinny jeans just make the most sense tucked into the (recently resurged) Western boot trend.