I'm a Picky Shopper, and This Is What I'd Buy From Nordstrom for Winter


(Image credit: @ch.phr8ph)

Anyone who has ever attempted to go shopping with me knows how (annoyingly) picky I can be when it comes to buying anything for myself. In fact, I can spend hours in stores and online without finding a single thing I actually want to purchase, whether it's for an occasion, a new season, or just because. While this trait definitely has its downsides (you don't want to know how long it took me to find a wedding dress), it also has its benefits.

As a result, I take these stories I write for you, our readers, very seriously. When going through products to include in roundups, I ask myself first if I would spend my own money on something before suggesting it to someone else to buy. Hopefully, this shows, and you like what you're about to see below. Since we're on the heels of winter, I decided to comb through one of everyone's favorite sites and round up the items I would buy for myself if I were in the market for outerwear, dresses, accessories, shoes, and more. Shockingly, I somehow ended up with a whopping 59 finds, all of which I am pretty obsessed with. To see and shop my Nordstrom picks for the season ahead, just keep scrolling.







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