Cute Jeans-and-Heels Outfits to Try This Winter

If you're tired of your usual boots-and-jeans combo, we may have found a good replacement. It's one that might seem like an unexpected choice for the wintertime but works as long as there aren't inches upon inches of snow on the ground. So, while you still can, it's time to make the most out of your favorite denim and pumps and create the ultimate jeans-and-heels outfit—a combo that works for a day of exploring your favorite thrift shops as much as a night on the town.

Heels just have a way of elevating your tried-and-true jeans, and that's why we're so fond of this pairing that fashion girls have long turned to. Whether it's coordinating heels to a cozy knit or wearing comfortable, trendy platform heels with bright socks to make them slightly more weather-appropriate, the options are never-ending.

To help you not get overwhelmed by the number of options, we've rounded up some of the best jeans-and-heels outfits we think are worth a try. Read on to see the ensembles; then shop our favorite heels to wear during the fall and winter.